Thursday, March 5, 2009

There ARE babies in there...

We had a great scan this week!! We got downgraded a bit in risk factor, just an ultrasound every other week now. AND the tech took some 3D pictures and they aren't aliens any more - they are babies!!!

Check out the boys...

Twin A

Twin B

Both their faces, side by side


Kevin said...

OMG, this so reminds me of when Erin and Kristin had their first ultrasound, Mel, back on 2/14/86 (that's right, your birthday!). Your grandma Bonnie's favorite day of the year: the day you were born and the day she found out she was to have two more grandkids.

Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing and making your far away uncle feel like he's part of things.

We all love you all from back here in Wisconsin, where it's 55 degrees on this unusually warm March day.

Uncle Kevin

Emily Evans said...

Great pictures! What cute faces. I can't wait to hold those sweeties.

UneeMonet said...

Oh MY! Thanks for posting the latest ultrasound; so amazing, you can see their little faces.

It's so good to hear from you now and again.

MIss you guys!