Friday, November 21, 2008

You have questions, we got answers :)

Thank you all so much for the wonderful wishes and congrats! We couldn't ask for a better support system! There are a lot of common questions that we are some answers :)

When are we due?
June 30th, but twins usually come two weeks early.

Are we freaking out?
We sure did the first few days. The day we found out we could not even comprehend making dinner, so we went out to eat. When we requested a table for 3, John-Adam said, Holy Sh*t!! We will need a table of 5 pretty soon!

Do twins run our family?

Not mine, however John-Adam's aunt had twins. But there isn't really any evidence that monozygotic (1-egg) twins are genetic.

Are they boys or girls?
Too early to tell, but we will find out this time.
We had an ultrasound yesterday and saw our little olives!! The feeling when seeing them is so great and I wish I could see them everyday :)

Emerson's pouty face - maybe the face he will make when we bring two babies home : )

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surprise - TWINS!!!

We decided to start a blog to allow family and friends a glimpse into our soon to be VERY crazy lives.

We had our scheduled 8 week first ultrasound for our second baby on Nov 12th. Everything was going pretty par for the course, however the tech kept going back and forth between two spots and every time she stopped there was another heart beat. Just as I was about to ask the tech what was going on, she said "Looks like you are having twins!" I immediately assumed it was a joke and even asked her if she was joking. In a calm, cold voice the tech flatly said, "I don't joke about twins."

Some technical info: twins will be identical, they were 8 weeks when we had our ultra sound, way too early to find out the sex (we will find out this time around seeing as it is a different ball game).

Emerson loves babies, but he has no idea! He is such a good little man, he will be the best big brother to these two little ones.

This shall be a crazy ride, if you want to tag along via blogging hope on board the Bonk Train. Our small house will be home to: 2 adults, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 3 babies under the age of 3 -
it will be a ride!!