Friday, April 16, 2010

Four Months, One Match and the 5 Bonks Get Ready to Move

Evidently, people read this blog. Imagine that. We should probably keep it updated then! The last 4 months in a nutshell: Christmas came and went, in came 2010, interview season ended, Oliver and Finn are both crawling and almost pulling themeselves up, JA matched in Emergency Medicine at Wright State in Dayton Ohio, frantic fixing/selling the house for sale and we looked (and found) a WONDERFUL home in Dayton last weekend...

Oliver and Finn have definite and different personalities. Oliver can be more mellow and enjoys playing by himself, but also will not hesitate to scream bloody murder when his needs aren't being met. Daddy says DROP SOME OF YOUR NEEDS, (then picks him up - sucker.) Oliver is also an eating machine and while they both eat like they were starving, Oliver may have 4 stomachs.

We've discovered Finn was born without fear and may have super-powers. We are fairly certain he can teleport himself and absolutely sure he can turn his skin metal on a whim to avoid injury from falling. We don't have any solid documentation yet, just some sketchy eye-witness reports and fuzzy photographs. He is very adventurous and very LOUD. (He didn't get his volume control from Daddy.)

They both love to flirt, luring ladies of all ages in with their big, ice-blue eyes and Snuffle-uppagus eyelashes. They're both very active and love exploring the house, sometimes in tandem, looking for trouble to get into. Bottles are becoming boring to the Bonk twins, but still a necessity in the morning, as they expand their culinary palates. They haven't eaten the flesh of animals yet because Mommy is a granola-eating tree-hugger, but we'll work it in after they are a year old.

Emerson just turned 3 years old on Saturday! You know you're getting old when you say to yourself "I can't believe (he/she) is (x years old), it seems like yesterday they were just a baby." Crap. Emerson continues to develop and evolve as a very interesting child. I think uncle Mike Joseph had it right when he warned us of the terrible 3's... He frequently says "I don't want to" at which point we must remind ourselves that arguing "I don't care what YOU want" will not work on a three year old and may just make one insane. Emerson is even more like Deacon now in that he needs frequent vigorous exercise to leech his energy because his energy level is inversely proportional to Daddy's sanity. A serene child is a sane Daddy. All good things.

I started writing this update 4 days ago...