Saturday, June 27, 2009

6 weeks already!!

The lack of posts on the blog should be the first indication of how crazy life has been!! Sorry about that, we will try and do better. It is hard to believe that the twins are already over 6 weeks old already, however sometimes it feels like 6 months :) They are being typical babies: eating, sleeping, pooping, repeat.

The last two weeks have been very challenging, both boys have been extra fussy and whinny. I did a little snooping on the internet and apparently that is normal from weeks 3-6, so hopefully it will be over soon. I don't remember that with Emerson, but that was when life was simple with just one baby. The 'brothers' are very good at synchronizing though so it is two babies screaming their little heads for 30 mins and then two hours of quiet.

Feeding them has also been a challenge. In a perfect world I would love to have 20 mins of 'alone' time with each baby to nurse, snuggle, etc. As mentioned before they synchronize well so they want to feed at the same time. Tandem nursing has not worked yet for us, maybe when they are bigger. Also Finn has given me some trouble latching on so there is a lot of pumping and feeding with bottles which is extremely fustrating. But they are getting their breast milk and growing well. At their one month apt Oliver was 7 lb and Finn was 6 lb 2 oz.

We are all adjusting and doing pretty great. We leave for the Outer Banks in 4 days for vacation and CAN'T WAIT!!!! Oliver and Finn's first trip to the beach!!

Here are some professional pictures...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5 Bonks -- first picture together!!

This is actually the first picture of all 5 of us! I didn't even realize that we hadn't taken a picture of the entire family yet. So here it is...

Emerson's new favorite thing in life -- the "rocket slide."

The 'brothers' chillin' at the water park.

Emerson is starting to get affectionate with the twins, here is first hug and kiss with Finn.

This is Emerson's new shower routine...caution this video contains nudity :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three weeks already

Oh how your world can change in just three short weeks!! It already seems like forever ago since we were all in the hospital. Now we are pretty established in a routine, unfortunately the routine does not include sleep. The boys eat every three hours and are growing great.

Emerson is doing great also, he using his big boy potty everyday. We try to give him mommy & daddy time as much as we can, which included a trip to the water park this past weekend. He loved it and even went on a water slide all by himself.

I have been trying to keep track of how many bottles and diapers we go through a day. Unfortunately I loss track, I blame it on a lack of sleep. So here are some averages...
20 bottles a day + 2-3 nursing sessions
30ish diapers
Now we are run the dish washer daily to clean all the bottles

Here are some pictures from the paste weeks...

Just chilling together

Gpa with two look a likes

Emerson pointing to "the brothers"

Holding hands - sort of

Ready for bed...see you in three hours mom

First bath time, Oliver wasn't too happy so he decided to poop in the sink...

After that he felt much better!

Finn airing out

Thanks for looking and more to come soon :)