Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Pounders!!

Had another good ultrasound today! Both babies are over 1 pound: 1 lb 7 oz & 1 lb 3 oz! For some reason that just makes me really happy and feels like a little hurdle on our way to full term baby boys.
We went to the zoo last weekend, it was a blast! The weather was nice and the crowds were low. Here are some pictures...

Emerson found a bird in the trees...

John-Adam & Emerson saving some rain forest, 340 sq ft for a buck - not too bad!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another good ultrasound!

We saw the boys yesterday and they are doing great. There is still a size difference but it is stable so we are still taking it week by week. They are very, very active! Every ultrasound they are twisting, kicking and punching each other :)
We also have an update with Emerson, he is completely head over heels for Sadie!! They have a real thing going on, check it out...

First the super bowlThen an entire day of 'playing' - that must be what the kids are calling it these days :)

Thanks for looking - we will keep you up to date!!