Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another good ultrasound!

We saw the boys yesterday and they are doing great. There is still a size difference but it is stable so we are still taking it week by week. They are very, very active! Every ultrasound they are twisting, kicking and punching each other :)
We also have an update with Emerson, he is completely head over heels for Sadie!! They have a real thing going on, check it out...

First the super bowlThen an entire day of 'playing' - that must be what the kids are calling it these days :)

Thanks for looking - we will keep you up to date!!


Emily Evans said...

I'm glad the twins are doing well and glad that Emerson is warming up to Sadie. She has loved him since day one!

Barbara Schwind said...

Great news! Thanks for keeping us up to date! Can't wait to see Emerson (you too, Melanie and JA)!

Kevin said...

I am so VERY happy that the twins are doing well. See? The power of prayer really works!

I so wish the two of you, sorry, three of you, oops, FIVE of you could make it to my BIG 5-0 Birthday tomorrow back here in Beertown. Oh well, I guess I'll have to drink a beer for each of you. HIC! All our love from back in Wisconsin, Kevin and the gang.