Friday, March 27, 2009


27 weeks!! Starting to feel like we better get ready for babies! It doesn't seem that long ago we had Emerson, but I feel like a rookie again and that this is an entirely new experience.

Getting kicked pretty much around the clock. I actually felt a hand! I was sleeping and woke up pushing a cat off my belly but there was no cat! It was one of the babies pushing their fingers against my belly. It was pretty neat and I never felt that before!

Here is a picture of belly (it looks bigger in real life I swear). Emerson is pointing to 'the brothers'...

We made one of our favorite snacks...popcorn and it got a little crazy -- check out the video!!


Emily Evans said...

I love the belly! And I must say, you look awesome mama!

Jenny said...

Your tummy looks great! How fun and amazing it must be to feel the 2 babies moving around in there! Any names yet?