Thursday, March 19, 2009

26 weeks!!

No procedure here - it is officially too late to get the TTTS procedure now. Which is good news because the babies are doing great and growing strong. They are now 2 lbs and 1 lbs & 13 oz.
I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable at times and feeling pretty large. But keeping a smile on my face. Took the twins to see New Kids on the Block again with Sarah & Christine - the Bonk twins will be the future of boy bands :)

Sherri - John-Adam will definitely take a picture this weekend so you can see the roundness :)

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rjreneau said...

Just wait till you can't breathe if you lean back or try to lie down! I can remember getting faint anytime I started to recline. I bet your getting kicked around quite a bit - lots of strange lumps and bumps. Hang in there!

Robin, Wisconsin