Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, the Day After the Day After Tomorrow.

It's been a whirlwind week with a blizzard of activity. The twins are still in the NICU, but they now have the same 'room' which is essentially a large cubby carved from a hallway. This is not only great for us, but they both have the same nurse on every shift.

Finneus is still on room air, doing pretty well with managing his temperatures (still getting help), and eating like a PIG. The day after birth, Melanie attempted to breastfeed while the lactation consultant looked on. She said not to expect anything because of his gestational age and size. It was quite clear she never met a Bonk before. Finn latched on and nursed like a champ. He's getting some supplemental formula feeds as Melanie's milk factory shifts into high production mode. He will likely get his IV discontinued today.

Oliver has still had trouble breathing on his own. Chest X-rays continue to show 'haziness', a technical Radiology term for fluid in his lungs. He's had two doses of surfactant, but has not been able to wean off the ventilator. He IS on minimal settings, and very close to 'normal' O2. The neonatologists may want to add a diuretic today (drug that make you pee like a racehorse at a frat-house kegger) and see if that helps pull fluid out of his lungs. He also got an umbilical artery line yesterday to cut down on the number of needle sticks he was getting. If it weren't for the fluid gumming up the lung works he be rockin' in the free world. He's still feisty, always pulling at his ET tube (breathing tube) and he yanked out his IV yesterday. He is tolerating his feeds well, which is mostly breast milk.

Both of the boys are using "Bili-Blankets" to help get rid of their excess bilirubin (the wonderful yellowing pigment that make one jaundiced.) They both look like peaceful little blue glow-worms.

Melanie will be discharged from the hospital today, not having slept at home in over a month. It will be a bittersweet day leaving the boys here, but it will also be wonderful to have Mommy back home with Emerson returning Saturday from the GrandBonks.

We will have a better idea of the NICU plan after rounds this morning, about half-past obscure-o'clock, or this afternoon, whichever comes first.


Jenny said...

Congratulations Bonk Family!! I finally got online for the first time this week to read the news!! I look forward to reading more blog entries as the twins grow and eventually get to come home. How many weeks did they end up being anyway? Love to you all!! Miss you too. -The Pick's

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am glad to hear they are doing well...and getting stronger every day!
I wish lived closer so I could for now - LOTS OF PICTURES, PLEASE!!!

Welcome home, Mel!!!