Monday, May 4, 2009

Bonk Twin Shower -- So Much Fun!!

The Daws' & Grace's hosted a fabulous in hospital shower for us yesterday. It was so nice to see all those smiling faces but also extremely nice to get out of my room for a couple hours ;) Thank you so much everyone!! (pictures below)

The baby boys are remaining stable! I am going stir crazy but I know it is best for them. Having more contractions lately but I think that is pretty normal for twins. Maybe we will go natural after all (by natural I still mean epidural of course).

The last week was also great because Sarah Galley was here to help with Emerson. He LOVED spending time with his cousin. Sarah - thank you so much, I can't put it into words how much you helped. And it was great because it also gave JA and I some quality time together.

Emerson eating a war head - yes we torture our child! :D

Two Peas in a Pod Shower!


Craft time -- so many great onesies!

Purple shirt club!

Thanks -- we will keep you posted!

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