Friday, October 8, 2010

Outpost: Dayton

The Bonks have officially been at their Dayton post for almost 4 months. We like to say that we've fallen in love with our beautiful new home and the Dayton area - but then we'd be big, fat, fibbers. I love my residency, we love the house, but there is something missing.

It may be residency. While residency doesn't "suck," it ain't easy. It's much easier on the doctor than the doctor's wife because most people I deal with in the hospital or the ER actually listen to me. If a patient doesn't listen, I can persuade them with calling security. They typically come around to my point of view. Sometimes, they the threat of a security guard doesn't work and that's why we have sedating and paralyzing medications. However, one can't simply paralyze and intubate your 3-year-old for being a pain in the ass - that's called overkill. Likewise, it's also bad form to sedate your 16-month old twins for engaging in their favorite pastime: playing in the toilet. Not WITH the toilet, IN IT. For Finn, that means GETTING in. In truth, the most difficult part of residency is being away from my family. In Melanie's case, it is being outnumbered by slobbering, loud boys with messy diapers and rarely getting a moments rest.

While I'm enjoying the process of becoming a bone fide physician (that means knowing what the hell is going on most of the time) the hours DO kind of suck. I can't add much more to my schedule with sacrificing other aspects of life - usually that means working out, reading or any other hobby I may have had at one time or another.

Emerson is rapidly developing into a mini-me. He's recently had arguments with his parents on such momentous subjects as: what is the "front" of the house, what constitutes a porch, and the family plans for the day. He is now fond of replying to anything command we issue with "But I don't WANT TO!" This may seem frustrating to the uninitiated; however, it is also quite wonderful to utter this phrase after hearing it so many times: "It doesn't matter what you want, just do what I say." Ahhh Dictatorship.

The twins are rapidly acquiring their vocabularies. We went from counting the words they knew to quasi-human communication with them in mere weeks. They are both walking fairly well, and getting faster. I've noticed that they are quieter when they walk, especially Oliver. He can now sneak. Sneaking is bad for Dad. They're both very laid back and are happy to be taken anywhere and do anything. Sounds like someone else I know...

Melanie is her typical rock-star self. We'll be getting her press studio set up in the basement at the end of the month. Shameless plug --> If you need invitations, stationery, business cards, etc., look no further!

Emerson also finished his 1st soccer season. He scored many goals. He also investigated many blades of grass, many pine cones, and thoroughly investigated the weaving pattern of soccer goal mesh. In other words, he has Daddy's attention span. He also loves getting lost in the woods like his old Dad.

To finish off this update, enjoy a few videos taken of the kids zooming down a hill in Emerson's Tonka dump truck. No, they're not wearing helmets ;)

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