Friday, November 20, 2009

6 months!

Ok, I am self admittedly a terrible blogger! Nothing for two months, there is no excuse (well except for the changing pooping diapers, mixing bottle after bottle, running after Emerson and now making baby food for two!).

It has been a busy two months and the twins have changed so much. They are definitely turning into little men with their own wants, needs and ATTITUDE!! They are fulfilling the Bonk legacy of complete crabbiness until feed (however I think that is characteristic not specific to a Bonk but more all males in general). They love looking at each other, and their big brother of course, and when given the opportunity they enjoy 'exploring' each other (ok sounds bad but it is true).

We started feeding them store bought rice cereal around 5 1/2 months. At 6 months we began the Super Baby Food Diet of homemade cereals, fruits and veggies (as we did with Emerson). So far their distinct palates have enjoyed brown rice cereal, avocados, bananas, winter squash, sweet potatos and pears. The process of making food is pretty easy: steam, mash, feed (or freeze for future use). And it is truly so economical, I think total we have spent around $20 on produce, if buying jarred food I would have spent well over $60 by now.

Halloween was a blast, Emerson was in awe of the fact that he got candy for simply saying Trick or Treat. Now when he sees his pumpkin in the basement he says, "My pumpkin, lets go trick or treatin!" However, Halloween is in the dust and he has moved onto Santa in a major way. He can already explain to you where Santa lives, how he arrives and what he is gonna to bring (a blackbird and a super guppy).

John-Adam has started the interview process for residency. So far he went to Augusta GA and Gainesville Fl. In two weeks Eastern Carolina and Wake. And in three weeks it is the Ohio - Pennsylvania tour.

I am most pleased to give a shout out to the newest little rock star born, Wilder Davidson Grace. Matt and Sarah made an amazing, beautiful little man and I was so pleased to have almost been there for his arrival (I was literally less then 5 minutes late to his birth). They are all doing great and are a beautiful family. Here are some pictures...

Check out more pics of the Wilder at

I promise to try and do better with the blogging (JA has off next month so he can help too). The boys are all changing so much everyday, I just try to keep up with them!!

Finn & Oliver
6 Months

A glimpse into the good times over the past two months...

Carrowinds (last) time...

Emerson using his 'half birthday' money from Aunt Sherri!

His prize...

JA's face = "Do I really have to ride this bleeping Boots ride again?!?"

Meal times...

Trick or treat time...

Finn is the giraffe and Oliver is the zebra (or white tiger)

Emerson is ready for the action!

Emerson and his bestie, Sadie!

His favorite, a sucker...

Bath & bubble time

Snoozin' time

Time to look adorable...

Outside time

(could that be a stroller ad or what)

Goofus time

And in our spare time, we solved NASA's financial problems...

Sponsorship by Pampers!!

Happy Thanksgiving,
The Bonks


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You certainly do have adorable children. Great pictures. Keep 'em coming!

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