Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Put the lime in the coconut

Great news at the ultra sound today! The babies are in their own sacs and doing great!! They are measuring a little bigger then the due date but not enough to change the date. Baby A's heart rate was 155 and Baby's B was 159. They are touching heads and seemed to be dancing on the screen. Here are some pictures...

Life has been crazy over the last week. Our upstairs toilet flooded all the way into the basement. Our house has been a construction zone the past 4 days and will continue to be one. Luckily we have great friends, Matt & Sarah, who let us crash at their place while we were under water. I will post pictures of the water damage soon.

I am off to Massachusetts this evening, Emerson is going to the Bonks for a few days and John-Adam continues to work in geriatrics this week. Can't wait for the holiday to arrive so we can catch our breathe!!

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JAB said...

Yay for diamnionic membranes!!!!